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    Adult Friend Finder Review: A Great Place For Hookups Or A Waste Of Time?
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    Adult Friend Finder Review: A Great Place For Hookups Or A Waste Of Time?

    Adult Friend Finder does not have the world’s most attractive design, but that is far from the only problem in the service. With far too few women per far too many men, constant pop-up ads disrupting your user experience, and the site being nearly useless without a Gold membership, there isn’t any reason to join it.
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    Our Rating
    1. Free and easy registration
    2. Wide range of members and preferences
    3. Relatively high chance of a successful hookup
    1. Regular problems with security
    2. Nearly impossible to use without a paid membership
    3. Annoying pop-up ads with adult content
    4. Dated design
    Our experience with Adult Friend Finder was not particularly satisfying. The ratio of men to women is not even remotely fair, the popup videos are annoying, and many features are hidden behind a Gold membership paywall.
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    Despite the name, Adult Friend Finder is not the place for adults to find friends, so if you just moved to a new city and want to find new mates, AdultFriendFinder is not the place to go. Adult Friend Finder is one of the most famous websites for finding partners for hookups and other sex-related activities.

    The history of Adult Friend Finder dates back to 1996, which makes it one of the oldest websites in the casual meeting industry. However, while that can be viewed as an advantage, it is also a considerable downside, since the design of the site is rather outdated.

    It’s also worth noting that the interface of Adult Friend Finder is completely not safe for work and looks like a typical erotic site with popup photos and videos with adult content, so take extra precaution when opening the website in a public location.

    If you research Adult Friend Finder reviews on the internet, you will find that many of them are positive and claim that the website is very helpful in the sensitive matter of scoring a hookup. However, there are also many reviews that point out numerous problems with AdultFriendFinder. Here is our own Adult Friend Finder review.

    How it works

    You can get a pretty good idea of what Adult Friend Finder is all about already from the home page of the site, which is filled with spicy pictures of women and promises to find you a sexual partner. AdultFriendFinder boasts an impressive number of members and visitors — right now, there are a little over 95 million active users on the site.

    Besides looking around the home page, there are not many things you can do as a guest. Creating an account at Adult Friend Finder is free, but not as easy as you’d probably wish. In addition to the usual dating site registration fields like name, age, and email address, you will also need to specify your gender, what and who you are looking for at Adult Friend Finder, as well as write an introduction.

    adult friend finder

    We were surprised to find out that AdultFriendFinder does not have a mobile app. Given that it’s 2019 and we do most of our communication on the go, the lack of a smartphone app looks like a huge oversight. There is a mobile version of the website, but a dedicated mobile app would have been much more secure and trustworthy.

    Who can you find there?

    When it comes to searching for partners for a romantic encounter, AdultFriendFinder is probably as open as it gets. Here you can score not only a partner for a traditional hookup, but also find a couple to spend time with, a threesome to participate in, and simply enjoy a steamy chat or video chat session.

    By default, you will see potential partners that are close to your location. You can also sort members by their sexual preferences and ages. There is also a more detailed search, where you can provide more specific details about your ideal hookup partner, including physical features and interests.

    While the selection of members at Adult Friend Finder may seem very impressive, you should always keep in mind that any profile can turn out to be fake. To avoid the risk of being catfished, avoid communicating with members with overly professional photos or very brief profiles. The more photos and videos a member added to their account, and the more information they chose to provide about themselves, the bigger is the chance that it’s a genuine person looking for a hookup.



    The question of how much Adult Friend Finder costs to use largely depends on who you are. Ladies will likely have no problem attracting the attention of male members simply because there are far more men than women on Adult Friend Finder and women have a bigger chance of being noticed.

    If you are a man, things can get tough at AdultFriendFinder without a paid membership. According to nearly every AdultFriendFinder review we’ve found online, women are far less likely to respond to male profiles with a free membership. Plus, a Gold membership allows you to do things like access profiles with private photos, watch some of the racier member videos, and make your profile rank higher in the search results.

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    The price of a Gold membership depends on how many months you are ready to commit to Adult Friend Finder for. If you want to buy a 1-month membership, you will need to pay $32.39, while a 12-month membership will cost you $14.56 per month. 

    There is also an opportunity to earn points on AdultFriendFinder by completing different tasks. Earning 4000 points will give you a free Gold membership for a month. However, the list of things you need to do is quite extensive:


    Given the recent security breaches of adult dating sites, the question of safety is one of the most important ones. Unfortunately, Adult Friend Finder has proven to be far from the most secure hookup site on the internet. The most recent major data breach there happened in 2016, but there is always a possibility it will happen again.

    As we’ve already mentioned, catfishing is another major problem with this type of websites. Since the member profiles at AdultFriendFinder are not normally moderated, you will need to use your best judgement to avoid getting your private data stolen.


    Adult Friend Finder is not very user friendly and has an outdated design, but that is not the only problem with the website. If you are a man, the site is nearly useless without a Gold membership, and even then success is not guaranteed.


    What is Adult Friend Finder?

    Adult Friend Finder is an adult dating site where you can find a partner for a one-time hookup or a string of casual meetings with no strings attached.

    Who can you find there?

    The audience of Adult Friend Finder consists of women and men ranging from 20-somethings to 60-somethings. We have noticed that there are far more men than women on the site, which means you will have extra competition.

    How much does Adult Friend Finder cost?

    Adult Friend Finder offers just one paid membership type. It will cost you $32.39 for 1 month or almost $175 for a whole year.

    Is Adult Friend Finder a scam?

    On its own, Adult Friend Finder is not a scam, although there are some serious security problems with the site. However, the service is notorious for having a lot of fake profiles and doesn’t seem to do much about it.

    Who owns Adult Friend Finder?

    Adult Friend Finder is part of the renowned Friend Finder network of dating sites that was launched in 1996. Its founder and current owner is Andrew Conru.

    Does Adult Friend Finder have a mobile app?

    There is a mobile app you can download both for iOS and Android devices, but it is not exclusively an Adult Friend Finder app — it’s a universal app for all Friend Finder users.

    How do I delete my Adult Friend Finder account?

    To stop being a member of Adult Friend Finder, go to My Account section in the profile menu. Find the Manage Account block of settings and click on the Close Account link. Scroll to the Please Delete My Account, enter your password and reason for deleting the profile, and it will be removed within 48 hours.

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