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SPdate Review

SPdate Review

We are all familiar with regular dating websites where most members are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. And...
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FuckSwipe Review

FuckSwipe Review
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FuckSwipe has everything we would never want to see in an adult dating service. From the fake claims that you have only 20 minutes to sign up to the constant messages from fake profiles, we don’t think anyone stands a real chance of finding a hookup partner or even striking a real conversation at Fuck Swipe. - Simply One Of The Best In The Industry!

If you are looking for a casual sexual encounter, SPdate is one of the best options. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s very popular among users, which increases your chances of scoring a hookup.

Even if you are a regular at adult dating websites, you may have never heard about Fuck Swipe, so now you may be wondering: what is FuckSwipe and is it good? Fuck Swipe is one of the many websites who promise you to connect to singles in your area who are looking for casual sexual encounters and affairs.

The design of is nothing outstanding, although it does contain a lot of nudity, which is why it’s a good idea to never open it in a public location. There is also little to no information about the services, so we couldn’t even find out how old the service is. We decided to review the site to give you the definitive answer to the question: is FuckSwipe legit and should you sign up to it?

How it works

FuckSwipe tries its best to lure you in starting already with the homepage. Not only is it filled with pictures of girls in varying degrees of nudity, but there is also a visible claim that the registration for men is only available for the next 20 minutes. This claim is obviously false, because if you visit the website in 21 minutes, you will see the same countdown with a 20-minute claim.


Another instantly suspicious feature of the homepage is the promise that thousands of horny women from your city are waiting for you on the website. We can’t help but laugh at that claim, because while it may technically work for larger cities, you will see the same promise when you log in from a tiny village. This claim is simply based on your IP address and should not be taken seriously.

When signing up for Fuck Swipe, we couldn’t believe how long the registration process took. Every time we thought it was over, FuckSwipe came with another set of questions. Finally, the registration was complete, but just as we were ready to give the website a look, we were interrupted with an offer to buy a paid membership, which we obviously declined.

Whenever you come across a female profile at Fuck Swipe that you are interested in and want to start a conversation, there are several options available to you, although none of them is free. To reach out to the woman you like, you can send a wink, send a flirt, make a connection, or send a message. 

Who can you find there?

If you are determined to improve your personal life and find new attractive partners for your casual exploits, the most important question you are probably asking is this one: “Is FuckSwipe real?” We spent a lot of time researching the profiles at Fuck Swipe and we are not at all convinced that all of the members of the service are legit.

If you still want to explore the site further, there are several ways you can go. The first one is to browse the galleries of the newest and hottest profiles, as well as check out the latest photo and video uploads.

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If you haven’t spotted anyone to your taste in the galleries, you can try the search feature, which is available as a basic or advanced search. The advanced search obviously gives you more opportunities to describe your ideal partner in detail, but you will need a paid membership to take the communication with any member further.


You will be encouraged to purchase a paid membership as soon as you create a free account, and if you think you can get anywhere with a free account, you are in for a huge disappointment. With a free account, you can’t do anything other than browse the website, and you can’t even open individual profiles.

The paid membership options start with a 3 day trial, which is sold at a tempting price, although you need to read the fine print, where it says that you will be charged a whopping $39.95 per month. Other options include a 1 month membership for $29.95, 3 month membership for $74.85, and 6 month membership for $119.70. With a paid membership, you get access to unlimited profile viewing, messaging, and can place your profile higher in the search results.

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The empty claims Fuck Swipe makes at the beginning of your experience are already a big red flag, but we didn’t want to judge the whole service by those moments. However, we couldn’t help but wonder: is FuckSwipe a scam?

We had our doubts until we started receiving flirty or even downright naughty messages from seemingly very attractive members. However, when we attempted to visit their profiles, we were once again stopped by the reminder to upgrade to a gold account. Plus, we had zero photos and no information about ourselves in our profile created specifically for this FuckSwipe review, so the interest in us was suspicious, to say the least.

Given all that information, we tend to think that there are at least some elements of scam at Fuck Swipe, even if some parts of the website are legit.

Pros and cons

There are only a few pros to Fuck Swipe:

  • You can create an account and browse the website for free.
  • Most members at FuckSwipe are here for the same thing.

In our opinion, the cons of the service far outweigh the pros:

  • You are constantly urged to buy a paid membership.
  • Some of the profiles and incoming messages are obviously fake.
  • Fuck Swipe makes a lot of empty promises.
  • The service generally does not feel safe and legit.