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SPdate Review

SPdate Review

We are all familiar with regular dating websites where most members are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. And...
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iHookup Review

iHookup Review
  • Interface
  • Audience/Women
  • Prices
  • Safety


Despite the not safe for work design and lots of sexual content on the website, your chances of successfully scoring a hookup on iHookup are not great. There are many fake profiles, and even the real ones are often looking for long-term dating, not one-time hookups. - Simply One Of The Best In The Industry!

If you are looking for a casual sexual encounter, SPdate is one of the best options. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s very popular among users, which increases your chances of scoring a hookup.

Unlike other adult dating sites with more obscure names, iHookup lets you instantly know what kind of website it is. This service is designed for single individuals who are not looking for a serious relationship and want instead to enjoy a more casual approach to dating — specifically, no-strings-attached hookups.

And while the service has plenty of fans online, there have also been numerous iHookup reviews complaining about several problems with the website, including the possibility of an iHookup scam. We are on a lifelong quest to find the safest and most effective dating sites and we could not ignore those claims any longer, so here is our review.

How it works

When you launch for the first time, you will probably be surprised by how tame the design of the homepage looks in comparison to some other adult dating services. However, don’t let this understated design fool you, as the rest of the iHookup website is definitely not safe for work and is filled with nude and porn imagery.


The registration at iHookup is relatively easy, although you do need to confirm your account via email. The second you create your account, you will be taken to the subscription page, where you will have the chance to buy a paid membership. And even though you can opt out of paying at that moment, soon you will realize that there isn’t much you can do with a free account.

The women’s profiles at iHookup are rather detailed, but many members decide to skip some or all of the questions, making their profiles lack essential information. Another big difference we noticed between iHookup and other hookup services is that most members here are fully clothed in their profile photo, which can be both a good and bad thing depending on your expectations.

The only real contact option offered by iHookup is messaging. There are also options to like the profile or add the profile to your list of faves, but those options are merely for your convenience and will not influence your conversation with the member.

Who can you find there?

The two ways to discover the members of iHookup are search and Hookup features. The search feature at iHookup is very limited and only allows you to filter members using a few basic parameters like age, location, and sexual preferences. The results of your search will be dynamically displayed to the right from the search and will contain each woman’s nickname, age, sexual preferences, and location.

ihookup scam

The Hookup feature functions similarly to Tinder and other dating sites and apps where you need to vote either Yes or No on the profiles of other members based on only a few facts you learn about them. At iHookup, you also have the opportunity to simply skip the profile to go to the next one without voting No — probably not to hurt the feelings of the owner of the profile.

is ihookup legit

In general, we felt like not every member of iHookup is looking for quick and casual fun. In fact, most of the women’s profiles we encountered on the website specified the women’s desire to find someone for dating, not for a one-off meeting. So if you come to iHookup thinking that hookups are exactly what you can find here, you might be disappointed with the results of your journey.


Unsurprisingly, iHookup is a paid website. The free membership that every member receives after signing up for the service won’t get you anywhere and can only be used for looking at the profiles. If you want to communicate with other members or enjoy the few features offered by iHookup, you will need to pay.

We were surprised to see that when you decide to upgrade your account, you will be taken directly to the form where you need to enter your payment details, but there is no clearly explained pricing system. After a closer look, we found the prices in a very fine print on the bottom of the page.

According to this information, even the trial version of the membership requires you to pay. A single month of a membership will set you back $39, and it appears that when you sign up for an iHookup membership, you also sign up for several other websites, all with paid membership options.

This is definitely not a good look for iHookup, as if you are not attentive enough, you can end up spending a few hundred on access to the websites you don’t really need. review


We have already talked about how iHookup tries to make you pay as much as possible for its services and the services of its partners, but one question still remains unanswered: is iHookup legit?

While browsing iHookup, we found out that the majority of profiles on the website belong to real women, even if most of them are not actually looking for quick hookups. There is also a fair share of fake profiles, but they are usually rather easy to spot.

The thing that bothered us much more than the fake profiles was the influx of messages that we started receiving right after creating our test profile, even though it was nearly empty. Those messages certainly do not look legit and either written by scammers or by the website administrators to try and generate activity on iHookup. That is why we cannot call iHookup a 100% legit and safe site.


Pros and cons


  • Detailed women’s profiles
  • Lots of video and photo content


  • NSFW design of the website
  • Many fake profiles and messages
  • Constant attempts to make you pay for the membership
  • Expensive membership prices and additional payments