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SPdate Review

SPdate Review

We are all familiar with regular dating websites where most members are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. And...
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SnapSext Review

SnapSext Review
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We did not like a single aspect of Snap Sext and would not recommend it to our writers. The design of the website is messy and outdated, the constant reminders to purchase a paid membership are annoying, and the fake messages from fake female profiles make us think SnapSext is not the safest adult dating website out there. - Simply One Of The Best In The Industry!

If you are looking for a casual sexual encounter, SPdate is one of the best options. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s very popular among users, which increases your chances of scoring a hookup.

You may have heard the name Snap Sext in the past, but if you have never made the decision to sign up for the website, you may be still wondering: what is SnapSext exactly? According to our research, Snap Sext was founded around the time when the adult dating market started growing and people were no longer exclusively looking for long term romance online — they also wanted an easy way to find partners for casual sexual encounters.

SnapSext started as a website where members could exchange private photos and videos, but it quickly grew into an adult dating platform where like-minded individuals can find each other and have a good time.

Ever since the service started getting more popular, the SnapSext reviews became very divisive. Most reviews complain about certain features of the website and even express doubts that SnapSext is a legit adult dating platform. We wanted to do our own review and bring you the definitive answer to the question: is SnapSext scam or real?

How it works

In order to view any profiles or start a conversation, you need to create your own profile at SnapSext. The website does require any extensive information from you — all you need to provide in order to become a member is your email address, age, location, and who you are looking for. After that, you will need to confirm your email and then you can begin browsing.


After you complete the registration, you will be displayed a gallery of women matching your age limits and location. Mark any women you like to send them a wink and tune your matches in the future. You can also skip this step, but it will help the match algorithm work more efficiently.

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The primary method of communication at Snap Sext is chat, which can be between two individuals and between groups. There is an opportunity to exchange photos in the chat, but the chat itself is only available to paying members, as are most other features on the website.

Given that most adult dating site users now use smartphones to enjoy the communication on the go, we were surprised not to see a dedicated SnapSext app. However, the design and usability of the website are also rather outdated, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to see a mobile app missing from Snap Sext.

Given SnapSext’s name and reputation, it should probably go without saying that the website is completely not safe for work and should not be viewed in a public location. The members of the website frequently use explicit images as their profile pics, and with no visible moderation system on the website, you are guaranteed to come across a few vulgar images every time you log into Snap Sext.

Who can you find there?

While does not have the most modern interface, what it does have is a variety of options for exploring the female members of the website. If you are feeling adventurous or have lots of time on your hands, you can browse the many galleries, including new members and online members. There are also many galleries where you can not only upload your own photo, but also see the photos that other members chose to share with the public.

In case you want to have more influence over the members you see on the website or want to search for members using some very specific parameters, you can access the search feature. There is a basic search, where you can choose the gender, location, and age of the members. However, the results of the basic search are often too broad. 

The advanced search gives you far more opportunities for perfecting your search results. In addition to the basic parameters listed above, you can also choose specific personality and appearance features, dating views and goals, and even the profession and income level of the members, although we do not see how that’s relevant at a casual sexual encounter website.


While many adult dating sites are more subtle about paid memberships and don’t pressure you into buying one unless you are willing to do it, Snap Sext is a different story. At every stage of our journey throughout the website, our experience was interrupted by loading a page with membership options. 

With a free account, you can only browse the members and use the search feature. If you want to see the results of the search, view individual member profiles, or start a conversation with one of the members, you will need to pay. We found the membership prices to be higher than average, although the more months you are ready to buy at once, the cheaper each month is going to be. We did like the availability of a 2 day trial, which is just enough time to see if SnapSext is a good choice for your needs.

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“Is SnapSext legit?” is one of the most common questions internet users ask about the service. The idea of easily finding hookup partners is tempting, but the membership price is too high to just casually throw the money on an unreliable service.

For our SnapSext review, we investigated the service back and forth. The biggest red flag was the downpour of messages from numerous profiles of attractive women who tried to start a conversation or complimented our profile. 

Given that we haven’t even uploaded any photos or additional information to our test profile, this activity did seem very suspicious. So is SnapSext a scam or can you use it without any doubts? While Snap Sext does not have outright scam activity, the fake messages are enough of a reason to go for another service.

Pros and cons

The pros of SnapSext include:

  • Easy and fast registration.
  • The selection of local women is fairly big.

Here are the most important cons of Snap Sext:

  • The design of the site is outdated and there is no mobile app.
  • SnapSext is too eager to sell you a membership.
  • There are lots of fake profiles and messages.